Ask me Anything!

Have you ever heard of Reddit? It’s a pretty popular website, which has a section called ‘Ask me Anything’. Today at 2pm uk time (about five hours after this post is posted), I am scheduled to do an ‘Ask me anything’.

You ask me questions, I answer them. Simple, eh?

Set your alarm for 1:45, then head over here to find the discussion thread.

See you there!


And then there was a book!

A stack of books. My books.

A stack of books. My books.

It’s been an incredibly long ride, and I never thought this was actually going to happen, but it did… And on April 25th, my book, Confessions of a Police Constable, is going on sale!

The book is available for pre-order now, and can be perused as a good, old-fashioned dead-trees-and-and-print version (Look! There’s a picture of it over on the right!) or on Kindle.

I am crazy excited, and can’t wait to see your feedback!

Stay up to date

Did you know there was a mailing list if you would like to be kept up to date about stuff about the book, and when they start turning it into a TV series? (One can but hope…)

Click on this link and drop your e-mail in the hat, and I’ll keep you up to speed!