Ask me Anything!

Have you ever heard of Reddit? It’s a pretty popular website, which has a section called ‘Ask me Anything’. Today at 2pm uk time (about five hours after this post is posted), I am scheduled to do an ‘Ask me anything’.

You ask me questions, I answer them. Simple, eh?

Set your alarm for 1:45, then head over here to find the discussion thread.

See you there!


A Response

This is not a regular blog-post, it is the response to a comment on this blog. I don’t intend to do this very often, so please bear with me; normally scheduled programming will continue next week!

Recently, somebody misguidedly left a comment on my “Kind Words” page, with something that was anything but kind words. I deleted the comment, not because of any conspiracy, but because it was posted to the wrong place.

However, because it was such a deep, heartfelt, well-reasoned and insightful comment, I wanted to reproduce it here, front and centre, for everybody to see, because it eloquently explains a rarely-discussed challenge police constables face…

Comment by mr. Ian M Continue reading

Introducing Notes from the Frontline

I slump back against a tree stump at the edge of the  park, watching the two youths run off into the distance, only dimly aware of the device I’m holding in my hand. “Hello? Hello!?”. The little machine I’m holding is making sounds, but it only barely registers. Somehow, I hear my watch beep twice, signifying that it’s 3am.

“This”, I think to myself, “Has been a particularly rotten day”. Continue reading