The book

Out in April, ‘Confessions of a Police Constable’ is the book version of my blog. Oh my!

Why don’t I look handsome.

Every day, Matt Delito puts his life on the line policing the streets of London. These are his shocking yet often hilarious confessions.

Racist fast-food patrons, thieving ninjas, sudden deaths, and violent families – it’s all in a day’s work for London-based Police Constable Matt Delito.

In this eye-opening account of on-the-beat policing, Delito narrates some of his most interesting cases – from undercover jobs to the London riots – as well as taking us through the gadgets, procedures, and lingo that go with life at the other end of a 999 call.

Hot on the heels of the bestselling ‘Confessions of GP’ by Dr Benjamin Daniels, and the forthcoming ‘Confessions of a Male Nurse’ by Michael Alexander, the ebook for which has already hit the bestseller charts, ‘Confessions a Police Constable’ shines a will shine a thrilling and touching light on the ins and outs of city policing.

Sound good? Get your pre-order in for the Kindle or Paperback version from Amazon now!


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